Connecting Furniture With Technology

Notable Product Features


Compatible With Multiple Devices

Customised For Different Capacities

Charging solutions should not be limited by the type of devices. With our bespoke charging solutions, you can be assured that every tablet, Chromebook or laptop will be charged securely and stored safely.

This is where all your devices go after a hard day’s learning. Our trolleys provides charging and secure storage for 16, 20, 32 or 40 devices. Accommodates up to 10.5” iPads and other tablet devices in all standard case designs*, with doors that fold back right out of the way.

Worry-Free Locks

Cooling Features

Worry no more about students forgetting their passcodes as we have a variety of locks catered to your school’s unique needs. Available with Lock options of key, digital code with master key and RFID access card/FOB.

Cooling is done naturally through multiple vents. Through the natural flow of air moving in and out of our cabinets, you skip the hassle of maintaining dusty mechanical fans.

Different Product Styles

Keeping cables neat

We believe that one-size does not fit all. Need a storage on the go? How about a locker to facilitate BYOD in your campus? Whatever the requirement, you will be able to find something that meets your needs.

Take control of all power adapters and cables with a separate concealed compartment dedicated area for all chargers. Charging cables are kept short to keep things tidy. Power options include: Charge only, USB charge, USB charge and sync and Sync over Ethernet.

Soft Start Power Management

Designed Functionally

Soft start power management is fitted as standard to prevent overloading of power sockets. As such, only 4 units will be charged at any given point in time. This too also helps prolong the battery life of your personal learning devices that are charged.

User-Centric design is at the heart of VM Education’s solutions. With doors that fold back right out of the way, students can simply walk past and drop off their equipment to charge. Wheels and handles come with all our mobile trolleys to ensure mobility. Once you are done, simply click on the wheel lock to secure the trolley.