Charging Locker Banks

Floor standing mobile device charging banks

  • Create banks of mobile device charging lockers with these 16 and 20 compartment floor standing units
  • Designed to charge tablets, Chromebooks and laptops*.
  • Lockers are opened with a choice of digital code lock (with master key), mechanical combination lock or RFID access card
zioxi Charging Locker Banks

Laptop charging lockers with integrated power outlets

High density, floor standing mobile device charging lockers with power sockets integrated into each charging locker compartment and a wide variety of lock options from RFID access cards, combination locks to just keys.

Key features:

  • Locker compartment size suitable for laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, tablets and smartphones (please check dimensions before ordering).
  • 16 or 20 bay locker module which can be combined with additional locker modules to create a locker bank
  • Metal base frame with adjustable feet
  • Sloped and vented top
  • Options of mains power socket, dual USB power socket or both in each locker compartment, with space to store device AC adapters and cables
  • High quality compact laminate doors and shelves
  • Lock options include key, mechanical combination (with key override), digital code (with single or multi-user “hotel safe” settings and mastercode override) and RFID access card (with master key override)
  • Other design options on request

Charging Locker for 16 & 20 devices with mains power sockets: 43W x 52D x 176H (cm)

Charging Locker for 16 & 20 devices with mains power sockets & USB power sockets: 43W x 52D x 206H (cm)


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