Charging Locker Modules

Multi-user, compact charging modules

  • Compact individual lock (with a code chosen by the user with a master key override) or a key
  • Designed to sit on work surfaces and stackable
  • 1:1 charging locker with separate compartment for plugging in and storing power adapters,
  • BYOD charging locker provides mains power sockets in each compartment so users bring their own charging cable and adapter.
zioxi Charging Locker Modules

Compact desktop charging locker

The zioxi BYOD Charging Locker provides mains power sockets in each locker compartment, for situations where a wide variety of devices need to be charged and users bring their own power adapters.

The lockers are compact and suitable for Laptops (up to 15.6″ screen sizes), iPads, tablets and most mobile devices.

Choice of digital code or key locks, with master override key.

Ideal for siting on a work surface or cabinet.


Charging Locker for 8 Laptops or Tablets with mains power sockets: 72h x 42w x 53d (cm)


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