Chromebook Charging Trolleys

Sleek, simple to use and cost effective

  • Accommodate 16, 20 or 32 Chromebooks, small laptops or tablets
  • Fits screen sizes up to 14 inches*
  • Devices are stored horizontally and charging cables are kept short to keep things tidy.
  • Power adapters are concealed in a separate compartment.
  • Soft start power management is fitted as standard.
  • Lock options of key, digital code with master key or RFID access card/FOB. Mobile trolley or static cupboard.
zioxi Chromebook Charging Trolleys

Compact Chromebook charging carts

Discrete charging and mobile storage for 16, 20 or 32 Chromebooks, smaller laptops, netbooks and tablets.

Key features:

  • Compact, simple & unobtrusive Chromebook charging cart design
  • Charging using the manufacturer supplied AC adapters, all stored in a separate and secured electrical compartment
  • Cable management with only a short length of DC power cable presented at the front of each shelf – so cables are all neat & tidy, very simple to connect and can’t go missing
  • Soft start power management module as standard to prevent fuse and circuit breaker issues on start up
  • Choice of digital code, RFID card or key locks. Digital code and RFID card locks supplied with master key override.
  • Doors fold back 270 degrees preventing damage, providing easy access and with magnetic retention
  • Handle cut outs to help you steer, lockable doors and lockable castors
  • Available in compact Chromebook charging station, cabinet and cupboard variants, or as integrated modules within the Zioxi TeacherWall
  • Now also available with Zioxi onView web control and monitoring


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