Desktop Charging Cabinets

Compact, easy to use cabinets for charge & sync

  • For storing and charging smaller numbers of iPads, Chromebooks, small laptops and other mobile devices.
  • Separate power adapter and USB cable storage.
  • Charging cables are kept short to keep things tidy.
  • Power options of Charge only, USB charge, USB charge and sync and sync over Ethernet.
  • Lock options of key, digital code or RFID access card/FOB.
zioxi Desktop Charging Cabinets

Compact, easy access desktop charging

A compact charging station with 2 independently lockable doors for 16 Chromebooks & laptops. Suitable for most Chromebooks, laptops & tablets with up to 14” screens – but please check shelf dimensions before ordering.

Key features:

  • Two separate lockable 8 bay device compartments providing storage for 16 laptops
  • AC adapters and cables are stored in the centre electrical compartment.
  • Device power cables can be set to length & secured using the unique zioxi cable ports, so only a short length of cable is provided to each shelf, leaving each compartment tidy & ready to use
  • Soft start power management fitted as standard
  • Doors fold back 270 degrees and are retained allowing easy shelf access
  • Key, digital code and RFID lock options (digital & RFID locks with master override key)
  • Smooth, easy to clean surfaces
  • Fixing points to enable the cabinet to be secured to a surface or wall (but not wall mounted)

16 bay Chromebook & Laptop Charging station cabinet: 90W x 45D x 46H (cm)


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