Rechargeable hubTable

Wire-free power to your tables

  • Our patented tables are designed to help you keep your laptops, tablets and smartphones charged up even if you’re nowhere near a floorbox or wall socket.
  • Central powerDome accommodates mains plugs or USB cables which run off the intelligent, microprocessor controlled rechargeable table leg
zioxi Rechargeable hubTable

Neat power and data solutions for tables

Key features:

  • Large range of hubTable shapes, sizes and heights including round meeting tables, coffee tables, large boardroom tables and poseur height tables
  • Wide range of table top & leg colours and finishes including hard wearing compact laminate and wood
  • Mains & USB power and data & AV sockets can be provided in the centre of the table using the zioxi powerDome
  • The zioxi cableRing with cable retraction supports the provision of almost any cable to the table top including USB, laptop DC power leads (with adapters stored inside the hubTable leg), Ethernet, VGA and HDMI.
  • There is the flexibility & mountings to accommodate almost any power or data solution within the hubTable leg, including Ethernet switches, USB power modules and wireless access points – please get in touch to discuss your requirements
  • All cabling is neatly hidden within the zioxi hubTable leg, mains power connection required


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