Wall Mount Charging Cabinets

Slimline charging cabinets for your wall

  • Accommodates 10 Chromebooks, iPads, tablets, iPods & smartphones
  • Starting at only 160mm deep they can be accommodated on almost any wall
  • Charging cables are kept short to keep things tidy. Choose from USB charge and sync, USB charge or Charge only
  • Lock options of key, digital code with master key or RFID access card locks.
zioxi Wall Mount Charging Cabinets

Slimline, easy access 10 Chromebook charging station

Chromebook slimline cabinet designed specifically for wall mounting in narrow spaces. Simple to use, easy to clean and can be placed pretty much anywhere.

Key features:

  • Capacity for 10 Chromebooks, laptops, iPads and tablets with up to 14” screen sizes
  • Angled smooth re-cycled plastic shelves designed to protect device casings and providing very easy device removal & replacement
  • Cables and AC chargers are stored in a separate electrical compartment
  • The unique zioxi cable management ports present & retain only a short length of USB cable alongside each shelf – so cables are all neat & tidy, very simple to connect and can’t go missing
  • Door folds right back (> 180 degrees)
  • Digital code (with master key), RFID (with master key) and key lock options
  • Smooth, easy to clean surfaces
  • Fixing points to enable the cabinet to be mounted to a wall
  • Grey electrical compartment cover as standard, other colour options for large order quantities
  • Chromebook charging for schools, NHS and businesses

10 bay Chromebook Charging / Laptop Charging slimline wall cabinet: 65W x 20D x 108H (cm)


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