Connecting Furniture With Technology

Zioxi onView

VM Education believes in Smart Furniture and now, with the integration of onView, they can be!

Zioxi onView is a web-based platform that allows for control and monitoring of any onView enabled furniture item, simply using a phone or computer.

Smart Charge

The smart charge function helps to monitor mobile device charging. When devices are fully charged, it then cuts power to individual chargers, saving energy & prolonging battery life.

Green Charge

Green Charge enables devices to charge automatically during periods of minimal carbon electricity generation. Charging is automatically scheduled at the optimum time twice every 24 hours, once at night & once during the day.

Auto Charge 

Smart & Timed charge can be scheduled to automatically occur whenever you want, using a 24/7 web based schedule.

Device Count

At the start of Smart & Green charge cycles, the onView system determines & reports how many mobile devices are charging

Custom Rules

Allows users to establish alerts and rule driven actions to aid management. This includes notifications for charging completed, number of devices charging, doors unlocked at the end of the day or opened out of hours, mains power unplugged and much more.


Provides historical information on charging duration’s and times, number of devices on charge, power consumed, temperature, a chronology of activity and more.

Remote Alarm 

If the devices are accessed after hours, you will be able to


To ensure optimal performance and extend the life of your mobile device’s battery, the onView system monitors its temperature at the beginning of Smart & Green charging cycles. In case of overheating, the power is automatically cut off to prevent any potential damage.